Brexit: UK Citizens of Cypriot Origin Can Obtain an EU Passport


An EU passport includes the right to live and work in any EU member-state. Following, the result of the UK referendum, the UK citizens will not have that right anymore. However, after the Leave vote, some people have the false impression that they could renew their passport immediately and remain citizens of the EU for the next 10 years. This option will not work because once the UK leaves the EU, the UK citizens cease to be EU citizens. As a result, many people are seeking an alternative passport. Consequently, Cyprus passport can be one option as Cyprus is an EU member-state since 2004.

Before presenting the necessary procedures that need to be followed in order to acquire a Cyprus passport, it should be clarified that the Republic of Cyprus allows its citizens to have a double citizenship. That is to say, British-born Cypriots may apply for a Cyprus citizenship and keep their UK citizenship as well.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain:

  • the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship due to Cypriot origin;
  • the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen;

A.Acquisition of

The Brighter Side of Slum Life


You can’t choose where you are born, but your actions and the decisions you make determines on where you will be in the future. Most of the people found themselves in the slums.They had no choice but to accept their situation. Some of the slum dwellers made a decision to make their residence more habitable and more interestingly, some people do thrive so well in the slums while others do manage to get their selves out of the slum life. Slum is defined as semi-urban informal settlement common with high crime rate, dense population, high poverty levels, open sewers and heaps of garbage. Amidst the negative appearance of the scenario, there is always a brighter side in the slum life.

Raw talent breeds in the slum. Most of the successful musicians, athletes, boxers, coaches always trace their roots back in the slum. The tough life and harsh conditions made them develop their talent at an early age due to their passion and zeal to achieve. Also some of the influential world leaders shared the better part of their lives in the shantytowns. The slum

Unmasking the African Abstentions


Irked by the violence especially silent deaths against the LGBT community around the world, the United Nations Human Rights Council decided to appoint an independent watchdog to focus on the investigations of violence against people strictly on grounds of sexual orientation. The tenure of this investigator is for three years. No African country voted in favour of this appointment with them either voting against it or abstaining totally.

Not surprising, Nigeria one of the world’s most homophobic nations voted against it with smaller countries like Burundi, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire following suit. No official statements was given by their representatives for their vote pattern but it is clear that the state organised homophobia which is a good red herring to cover up for their failed economic policies is a reason for their action.

Countries like Ghana, Namibia, Botswana decided to abstain from the vote. The most surprising was South Africa’s decision to abstain.

The Rainbow country is the most advanced in the continent on LGBT issues and it was rather curious that they showed a high level of indifference to the plight of the

Full Court Press – The Media Mess

The United States Constitution was painstakingly crafted to define the vision of a new nation whose founders were acutely aware of the pitfalls and dangers to the personal freedoms looming in an uncertain future. It proclaimed the nation as a Republic, affording the bulk of the power of its future be determined ‘of the people, by the people and for the people.’ The First Amendment, by its placement, clearly defines the things they feared would most inhibit the realization of this new dream; tucked within those words is ‘infringing on the freedom of the press.’ Why did they consider the press to be so instrumental in protecting the realization of their dream that it was essential to be a part of the very first amendment?

Journalists are expected to honor a creed that has long been recognized by their industry and respected by Americans. They are charged with the responsibility of accurately and concisely presenting the facts of affairs both foreign and domestic to their citizens. There was an understanding that they stood as the guards at the gates of our freedom by virtue of their accuracy and lack of bias in their presentation. So long as they honored this

Does The Brexit Vote Send A Message To Large Bureaucratic Socialist Style Government Power?

When the British voted to leave the European Union it shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but it surely did. The media pundits were shocked, the international community was shocked, our Obama Administration was shocked, everyone was blown away – still, I ask why? Obviously, there is incredible discontent amongst EU members. And the Eurozone is in big trouble with the PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain in financial and economic turmoil and Germany a little miffed at trying to keep the whole thing going while socialist government live high on the hog. Many have previously stated that the EU is a slow motion train wreck, it was doomed from the beginning, or it cannot survive without more power at the ECB.

Britain doesn’t need the EU, the European Union needs them, however if the EU is going to collapse in the near future 5-10 years why bother remaining and taking the economic hit later? True power does not come from bureaucracy, nor a king, nor a dictator. Erecting beautiful buildings, throwing outlandish parties, or declaring accolades to one’s own organization does nothing more than create a false illusion of power – and that power gets worse when those in

Cultivating Genuine Freedom in a Global Culture of Fear

Seems every other day there’s a mass shooting, an international terror attack, or some other act of terrorism with which our minds must contend.

Depending where you live in the world the issues themselves have varying veracity in terms of threat level. And although any area or facility could be a target, it’s clear that the risk remains higher in certain regions and situations.

But there’s a new crazy getting around. It’s that person who’s thrown their caution to the wind. They’re capable of anything, with access to weapons and the initiative to make a plan. Crazy can happen anywhere, anytime. And if that’s today’s thing, what will be tomorrow’s?

We exist in a culture of fear, particularly if you invest your time in the News Press, spend any significant time on social media, or have a life that takes you into the community. We can’t escape it.

So how do we cultivate freedom to oppose this culture of fear?

We must learn to switch our conscious thoughts to those in our midst again; to our wives, children, husbands, parents, siblings, and our friends and work colleagues. We must learn and relearn the value of entering the land of the living, and to resist spending

The Great Shame Game

A rather novel game has been steadily growing in popularity recently; not a new game but one that has been transformed from its ugly roots of bullying into something chic and alluring to many. It’s called the ‘Great Shame Game,’ now carefully shrouded under a veil of superiority and intrigue. The game comes complete with a label maker allowing the players to easily assign a brand to identify their opponents, lest they forget why they have been deemed unacceptable.

This game also includes a spin machine to assist in reinforcing the branding of opponents. Their air of assumed superiority prevents them from using the traditional bullying terms. The spin machine allows them to repackage their findings to attract a larger audience of supporters. How can you identify the players? Those who engage in this game frequently label their opponents as uninformed, ill-mannered, racist and a host of other labels designed to relegate one to the pile labeled ‘undesirables… ‘ recently they have added dangerous to their labels.

The victims of this game range from those who dare to voice a controversial opinion of religious or political ideals all the way to those who may not be housed in a perfect body.

Managing the Dreaded Traffic Situations in Large Cities

Heavy traffic is one of the most frustrating situations of city life. The traffic goes from bumper to the next and continues to clog roads and causes pollution. Regardless of where you live, traffic situations are turning into a nightmare of sorts. A mere 20km drive can take anywhere between 3 and 4 hours which is almost the same time it takes to walk the same distance.

The fact that urbanization is increasing tremendously in turn increases the number of vehicles plying on the roads. The increase of vehicles is many times faster than new roads being constructed or old roads being rehabilitated. This can actually affect the road systems rapidly leading to deterioration. The congestion of vehicles is also due to absence of parking facilities.

However it is not the end of the tunnel yet. There is still scope if certain things are considered and worked upon, a few being.

    • It is vital to keep updating public transportation and the government needs to allot a certain budget to do this. They need to improve highways, build ring roads and also concentrate on maintaining on already existing ones.


    • There needs to be a constraint on the number of vehicles that can be owned by

Peace – Why So Elusive?

We all hope for peace. Some people even use the word ‘peace’ in their greeting of others. Arabs say: ‘Salaam aleikum’, and you reply by saying ‘aleikum salaam’ – a sign that you both understand and wish similar peace to the person you meet. Jews use ‘Shalom’, ethnic groups use ‘Peace brother’ as a common greeting to signal that you meet one another with good will.

Why So Much War If We All Want Peace?

We are all products of our environment. When we disagree with out neighbor, we are mentally at war, annoyed and irritated with them. When our neighbor is noisy and playing loud music, we are irritated. It all starts in childhood.

If our parents had taught us to keep calm, there is a much better chance we would remain rational about things. When your neighbor irritates us because he doesn’t mow his lawn, or keeps a lot of trash in the front yard, you should maintain your calm. Drink a beer with him, and offer to help him get it to the local recycling centre.

Instead of maintaining our calm, many react by shouting or no longer greeting one another when you meet – and that is the beginning